copenhagen specs

Having successfully participated in the Opti 2016 in Munich, makellos.POTSDAM is now ready for the next optical fair.


Embedded in the location of a former metalworking shop from the 19th century, makellos.POTSDAM has now moved into its new showroom.

Making of

A new advertising campaign has been created under the supervision of the famous fashion photographer Bert Spangenmacher.

Fashion Week

Sophie Charlotte and Friedrich are the names of the new favourite sunglasses worn by Manuel Cortez, Jana Ina Zarella and Alexander Klaws.

And action

Hoch über den Dächern von Potsdam in der ehemaligen königlichen Hof- und Wagenschlosserei wurde der makellos-Werbespot abgedreht.


Our new makellos sunglasses Sophie Charlotte and Friedrich are produced in Germany.


Our unique makellos airbrush frames were individually crafted in Rathenow – a town with a long tradition in optics.

Individually presented

The Eyewear Magazine presents two makellos frames of the line “babels.berg”.


A song for makellos.POTSDAM – that was the idea of the song writer, composer, and producer Vince Bahrdt.

New face

Gerit Kling – a famous German actress in theatres, television and movies – is the new face of makellos.POTSDAM.